How long will it take for you to finish my order?
90% of all orders are dispatched within 3 to 4 weeks after order confirmation.

What if I need the minis faster than that?
Every now and then we get an urgent commission. Birthday presents, armies that must be done on time for a
tournament... Although we cannot promise any miracles, it´s worth checking first with us because we might be able to
get your units done faster than usual. At the end of the day, if cannot get it done we will tell you so...

In all cases we will always keep you up to date with anything regarding your order and the estimated
delivery date.

What about historical accuracy?
Good question. We normally use the same colour schemes as the ones you can see on Battlefront´s "official" pictures.
We can, of course, do any alternative pattern you might prefer: after a lifetime of buying Osprey books you don´t even
need to do much research unless you want to!

How can I pay?
Paypal is our preferred method, since it has become pretty universal and allows you to use credit or debit cards as
well. Having said that, you can also do a wire transfer or use any other system you might think of... as long as we give
you the OK. We are pretty plexible though: if you have money we´ll take it somehow :D

Do I have to send you the models?
You can if you have them. If you don´t, we´ll be happy to get them for you. We will only charge you whatever the
models´ cost is. We do not make any profit on the actual miniatures so most of our customers operate this way.

Do you paint other periods/scales/brands?
We sure do, it´s just that we love Flames of War, so that´s what we´d rather do. We will gladly quote you on any
models you fancy, that won´t be a problem.
Do I have to buy a whole army in one go?
Not at all. If you do we´ll give you a nice discount, but you don´t have to.

If I build my army unit by unit, will the painting style be consistent?
Yes. Absolutely.

Will you put an army list together for me?
No, we will not.

Because we don´t want to be blamed for your defeats pal!

How do I place an order?
First, drop us an email with a list of what you want and we´ll give you a price for it. If you want us to get the models for
please note we can only quote for whole blister packs or boxed sets. The Flames of War range is pretty complex
so that way we avoid mistakes. If you are planning on sending us the minis, please feel free to just list them in any way
you fancy.

Once you have a price and are happy with it, just send us the money, relax and wait for you reinforcements to reach
the front.

Any other questions?
Just drop us a line and we´ll get back to you a.s.a.p. You can do that RIGHT HERE.