We appreciate the fact that no matter how good a picture is, there is nothing like a physical sample to appreciate the quality of a painter´s work. That is
why we offer you the chance of getting an actual sample from us. We will send you a fully painted base with the models you can see in the picture below:

The cost of a sample is 5 pounds including postage and packaging.

If, after getting a sample from us you commission a paintjob from us, we will deduct those 5 pounds from the order´s price.

How can I order a sample?
If you would like to get a sample from us, just fill the form at the bottom of the page and we will contact you via e-mail to arrange everything (delivery
address, payment method....)

How can I pay for the sample?
We are pretty flexible: we accept Paypal, cheques, bank transfers... We will arrange whichever payment method is more suitable for you. :)
Phone (optional)